Win one of 2,500 razors from EvoShave

The innovative new shaving system


We’ve teamed up with EvoShave to give away 2,500 razors. EvoShave is a new type of razor which allows for a completely modern way of shaving.

Brought to you in three striking colours. EvoShave is light, fresh, cool and feels great to use.

EvoShave is great value at only £4.99 for a handle and one free cartridge, and refills come in at £5.99 for four cartridges or £9.99 for eight, so having a more awesome shaving experience won’t break the bank either!

The razor opens up new ways of grooming, allowing you to glide down the face, making more angles available, and in a flowing way. While it might take a shave or two to get fully used to this new approach, it is just so radically different, a totally new awesome experience, and one that needs to be tried to be completely appreciated.

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