Win one of 50 pizzas at Radio Alice

Celebrating the launch of their new restaurant

To celebrate their launch in Hoxton Square this December, Radio Alice will be giving away free pizza to 50 lucky Mr Hyde readers.

First things first, Radio Alice is not a radio station but a pizzeria (although you can tune into the restaurant’s playlist on their website). Second things second, it all began when brothers Salvatore and Matteo Aloe set up pizzeria Berberè in Castel Maggiore with a simple mantra of respect and joy. Respect for organic produce, responsible standards and traditional farming; joy from wholesome flavours, sustainable methods and ripping up the rulebook. Together with their good friend Emma King, a co-founder of GAIL’s Bakery, they’re bringing innovative Italian pizza to London, using mother yeast and ancient stoneground flour to make a base that’s crispy on the outside and delightfully soft on the inside.

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