Beer Month

Creating the Mr Hyde Tasting Box with HonestBrew

Another hard day in the office for the Hyde team

We’ve declared this month Mr Hyde Beer Month, celebrating everything about drinking in the summer that you and we alike love. You might have seen our two-for-one offers (and if you haven’t, get yourself involved here), but we’ve also curated a case of 12 beers, with our Beer Month partners HonestBrew. But how can simple email senders like you guys curate beer, we hear you cry? Here’s our story…

It was a gruelling Tuesday night that the Hyde team put in some extra hours. We settled down with our business partners, ready to thrash out the big decisions. Debates raged amongst the team, friendships were won and lost, and eventually we came to a compromise.

What were we deciding? The contents of the Mr Hyde tasting box, in collaboration with our friends at HonestBrew.

HonestBrew, for those poor souls not in the know, are an online craft beer store. They work with hundreds of independent breweries around the world to bring beer aficionados the freshest brews, and link you up with some producers you might not already know. We’ve teamed up with them for our Beer Month campaign, because, frankly, they are the people we’d go to with any beer dilemmas.

Honestbrew's mighty beer fridge
Buy the Mr Hyde Case at Honest Brew 6

So what’ve we got in our box? (No giggling at the back.)

Beavertown – Black Betty Black IPA, 7.4%
Time and Tide – Brynhildr, 4.4%
360 Degrees – Session IPA, 4.3%
Burning Sky – Easy Answers, IPA 6%
8 Wired – Hopwired IPA, 7.3%
Wylam – Swipe Right NE Pale Ale, 4.7%
Boundary – Push & Pull Imbongo – IPA, 5.5%
Siren – Calypso – Berliner Weisse, 4.0%
Burning Sky – Saison Le Printemps, 4.2%
Five Points – Pale Ale Can, 4.4%
The Garden Brewery – Stout, 5.7%
Electric Bear Brewing – Mochachocolata Ya Ya! Chocolate Stout, 5.1%

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