Celebrate the Jubilee edition of the Night Tube with these late-night spots

Stay up forever, Jubilee Line-style

The Night Tube kicks off on the Jubilee line this evening. Explore its full potential by considering these spots, now dangerously available for “one more for the road” boozings. First, Mnky Hse (Green Park) – a buzzy new opening thanks to classy cocktails, a big-time Latin menu and 3.30am Friday and Saturday closing times. Dandelyan (Waterloo) is a great shout too – swanky as you like and riddled with river views until as late as 2am. Not wearing your smartboy shoes? The Southwark Tavern (London Bridge) is your spot. You know the one – the proper boozer by Borough Market, open ‘til 1am? Yeeeah, you know. You know.

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