Outdoor Films You Need To Catch This Summer

Grab one of the few remaining tickets to these movies before the season comes to a sudden end

Outdoor Films You Need To Catch This Summer 2


Rooftop Film Club at Roof East, July 30

Caught that Narcos season two trailer yet? All the trademarks are back: Drugs! Explosions! Clunky narration! While we were all mainlining the show last year, this gruesome nail-biter criminally passed a lot of us by. Hollywood’s top never-smilers, Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro, go knee-deep in cartel skulduggery of their own.

Outdoor Films You Need To Catch This Summer 3


Luna Cinema at Alexandra Palace, August 7

Rooftop cinema is a magnet for “cult films”. Studies show that in London you’re only ever six staircases away from a shout-along screening of The Goonies. Labyrinth is one of the most loveable cult movies, and has added poignancy when you see The Thin White Duke up there.

Outdoor Films You Need To Catch This Summer 4

Captain Fantastic

Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House, August 17

You can picture it from the title, right? Superhero film. A gym-swollen Affleck dishing out some hard truths to this messed-up world. Reddit going wild. Well… no. A thousand times no. It’s a Little Miss Sunshine-style indie premiere, in which Viggo Mortensen leaves his hermit-like forest existence with his six kids and enters “the real world”. Somewhere, Wes Anderson limply applauds.

Outdoor Films You Need To Catch This Summer 5

Awesome; I F*ckin’ Shot That!

Backyard Cinema at Camden Market, August 11

Yes, we’re telling you to watch three 40-somethings bounce around in green tracksuits for 90 mins. But this is the legendary Beastie Boys and their 2004 concert video, filmed by 50 fans with high-end cameras. Sounds like a four-pints-deep plan. Turned out excellent.

Outdoor Films You Need To Catch This Summer 6


Nomad Cinema at Brown Hart Gardens, August 18

Vertigo? Nah, not really my bag.” Imagine saying it. The deadly hush it triggers. Eyes glaring at you in disgust. Ham-fisted henchmen from the BFI cracking their knuckles as they force their way through the crowds, ready to “roll your end credits, boy”. You have to like Vertigo. It’s the rules.

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