What You Should Watch This Weekend

Forthcoming cinema, streaming and special screenings that get the Mr Hyde seal of approval.

Victoria - New In Cinemas

What You Should Watch This Weekend
What You Should Watch This Weekend 1

It’s all done in one shot! The whole film. One shot. Pretty impressive. The director filmed the thing three times and then picked his favourite “take.” The result? A heart-pumping, youthful thrill ride of a heist movie, set in Berlin and soundtracked by Hyde favourite Nils Frahm.

Robocop - Special Screening

What You Should Watch This Weekend 2
What You Should Watch This Weekend 3

Rio Cinema – Saturday 11.30pm

Is this the least comfortable a human man has ever appeared on screen? The five-stone Robocop costume was so hot to wear that actor Peter Weller shed more than a kilogram of his body weight every day of filming. Not only that but he had to be literally bolted into the thing each morning – a procedure that took up to nine hours. Perhaps it’s time to reappraise Robocop not as an action film but a moving documentary about human endurance.


What You Should Watch This Weekend 4
What You Should Watch This Weekend 5

Akira Kurosawa had dabbled with Shakespeare before (the blood-curdling Macbeth riff Throne of Blood) but he really pulled out all the stops for Ran – his King Lear-inspired, final big-budget epic. You don’t like Shakespeare? Doesn’t really matter. Don’t like Japanese cinema? Also doesn’t really matter. This is something you can just stare at and enjoy. A master director at the top of his craft.

Husbands - MUBI

What You Should Watch This Weekend 7

Have a few hours to spare and fancy staring long and deep into the Abyss Of Male Futility? This film, despised at the time of its 1970 release, is sort of like a cinéma vérité re-imagining of those latter-period Will Ferrell/Owen Wilson/Vince Vaughn comedies. Three ageing men, lurching around pointlessly, trying and failing to be funny, the tattered remnants of their “bromance” stamped into the beer-sodden floor of some bar. A grim insight into every man’s possible future.

Watch on Mubi.

The Grand Budapest Hotel - Netflix

The Grand Budapest Hotel
Regisseurs/Director: Wes Andersons
Darsteller/Cast: Paul Schlase (Igor), Tony Revolori (Zero Moustafa), Tilda Swinton (Madame D.), Ralph Fiennes (M. Gustave)
What You Should Watch This Weekend 9

You know when a kid’s parents divorce and the dad will take said kid to the zoo and, out of guilt, allow him or her to run totally wild, eat endless amounts of ice cream, indulge all of their most damaging impulses? Well, this film is Wes Anderson’s trip to the zoo. He’s off! Putting hats on everyone. Fussing over all the sets until they’re rococo doll’s houses. Directing every line of dialogue to sound as sincere as a lap dance. Still, at least he’s got it all out of his system now.

Watch on Netflix.

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