Kombucha: is it shit?

Francisco Garcia gets loose with the buzzy fun juice

I went running once (2K). Too easy, if anything. Exercise: a piece of p*ss. Healthy eating? Don’t make me laugh. I smash half an apple a week, every week. I get it. That’s why miracle-cure super drinks leave me skeptical. JARR’s Kombucha (a CRATE brewery-stocked fermented tea for your tummy) made me slightly more skeptical than most. But hey, what do I know. It had a comforting “Holland & Barrett reduced section” musk to it, which was nice, and the “ginger” one brought up flavours of spicy root and chain-eatery wasabi. It also provoked a period of furious activity (four emails). Try it again? Why not. Who doesn’t love ingesting entire fizzy bacterial galaxies in the name of your lower intestine.

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