London's Best Pizza Slices

Grab yourself a slab of cheesy triangular magic

London's Best Pizza Slices

Fennel Sausage

Joe Public (SW4)

Fennel’s not much fun, is it? If anything’s just begging to get smashed up and put with steamed fish, it’s fennel. But Joe Public has a “California-style” ethos, which means “more toppings and new ingredient combinations”. So here fennel gets down and dirty with sausage, mushroom, leeks and a cream-chive base. All hail fennel!

London's Best Pizza Slices 1

Chicken Parm

NY Fold (WC2)

Bruno DiFabio, the mastermind here, has won six World Pizza Titles. Six! Papa John, your boys took one hell of a beating! This is Bruno’s ultimate slice: chicken in flaky breadcrumb with Parmesan shavings and tomato marinara sauce. A proudly thick, bready crust too – a sadly fading art in the ‘za game.

London's Best Pizza Slices 2

Seafood Salad

Malletti (EC1)

This one’s just landed. It’s the new lad. It’s Rashford catching Roy’s eye. And what a talent. One of the freshest-tasting and most innovative slices we’ve had in some time. There’s squid, octopus, mussels, cherry tomatoes, black olives and rocket, all atop a perfectly brittle base that selflessly makes everything else better.

London's Best Pizza Slices 3


Arancina (W11)

Full of protein-packed post-workout fuel (boiled eggs! Ham!) – but with cheesy pizza filth hiding under it. So ultimately it’s about as healthy as going to the gym just to use the showers. Arancina’s special 24-hour dough-rising time gives a crisp outside and a soft middle, and all its slices are displayed inside an old Fiat 500, which is kinda nice.

London's Best Pizza Slices 4


Voodoo Ray’s (E8)

The Reuben sandwich has serious lunchtime chops – a meaty New York legend battling against the diabolical horror of the “Be Good To Yourself!” wrap. Here it is transferred onto a pizza: salt beef, sauerkraut, emmental and Russian dressing. And remember, kids: two Voodoo Ray’s slices equal one 11-inch pizza. Beastly.

All five restaurants sell pizza by the slice

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