The best Christmas burger specials in London

Preposterous and delicious limited-edition meat parcels

The best Christmas burger specials 1

The Beefy Rule-Breaker

Dirty Bones, doing its own thing. Laughing in the face of red-nosed, cracker-pulling Christmas conformity. Forsaking turkey and flying a bovine flag with an aged beef patty topped with spiced red cabbage (yes), kale holly (yes!), bread sauce mayonnaise (YES!), and soaked with Christmas gravy (SOMEBODY CALL A DOCTOR!) for £10.

The best Christmas burger specials

The Party Starter

Engage in the most “No Dan, you said you were in charge of booking the venue” of office party activities – last-minute bowling – before tearing into All Star Lanes’ majestic Christmas Dinner Burger. It’s a he-beast, with a sage and onion-encrusted turkey patty, sausage stuffing, cranberry sauce and a pig in blanket skewered to its top.

The best Christmas burger specials 2

The Returning Hero

This one just didn’t fancy 2016. Saw the whole lot coming – Brexit, Trump, Nuttall. One look at the entrance and “Nah, you’re alright”. But, after stealing the show around Christmas 2015, BIRD‘s monster is showing its face again for December. Cranberry-glazed fried chicken, panko-crusted brie and bacon-wrapped jalapeno peppers.

The best Christmas burger specials 3

The Tear-Jerking Beauty

Seen the condensed video of Danny Dyer’s Who Do You Think You Are? episode that’s doing the rounds? Proper hilarious. “Cake-O Bake-O”. So good. Masterful stuff. It’s probably the only thing more worthy of your eyes than this God-league buttermilk-fried turkey stacker from Mac & Wild, complete with brioche bun, stuffing, mincemeat, stilton and bread sauce.

The best Christmas burger specials 4

The Thing That Should Not Be

Your boy Ben of Ben’s Canteen has come out swinging this year, flailing his arms around and knocking over dad’s bowling trophy. This blaring b*stard of a burger has a sage and shallot buttermilk turkey breast, a squashed stuffing ball, slow-roasted honey and mustard ham hock, buttered Brussels, garlic mayo, melted brie and cranberry sauce. Christ, Ben.

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