Meet the craziest gaming obsessive

Author Simon Parkin tells us the most unbelievable story from his book Death By Video Game

“In March 2011 a Chicagoan man who calls himself Kurt J. Mac began walking in the video game Minecraft. Five and half years later, he has not stopped. His goal? To reach the Far Lands, a place 700km from Minecraft’s start point where a bug in the code causes the scenery to spectacularly disintegrate. After all, in a world meticulously mapped by Google’s prying satellites, where can the 21st century explorer go? It will take Mac an estimated 820 hours of continuous walking to get there. He expects to arrive in 2036. Till then, Mac is filming his odyssey for his YouTube channel, and raising money for charity: $335,000 to date.”

Simon Parkin joins an expert discussion on the male obsession with video games on November 27 as part of Southbank Centre’s Being A Man festival

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