Five Podcasters Who Might Actually Be Geniuses

Brace yourself for bristling intellects, mad imaginations and a whole load of outspoken opinions

Five Podcasters Who Might Actually Be Geniuses 4

Dan Carlin

Who is he? Snarling chronicler of humanity’s darkest days.

Why is he a genius? Imagine if your history teacher had stood in front of the class and shouted at you about how “THE AMOUNT OF DEATH THAT THE MONGOL HORDE INFLICTED WAS ON A SCALE NONE OF YOU CAN EVEN COMPREHEND!” Imagine how great that would have been. That’s basically what Dan’s Hardcore History is. Your man also does a show about politics called Common Sense but the name sort of scared us off.

Five Podcasters Who Might Actually Be Geniuses

Griffin McElroy

Who is he? One third of a trio of funny American brothers who, between them, churn out about a bajillion podcasts a week.

Why is he a genius? As evinced by the prodigious scale of his output (including Till Death Do Us Blart – an annual review of the film Paul Blart Mall Cop 2), Griffin’s got a ceaseless, child-like need to create stuff. Good stuff. If you can stand the idea of three brothers playing Dungeons & Dragons with their dad (funnier than it sounds, we promise) check out The Adventure Zone, for which Griffin writes all the stories and composes all the cool, synth-y music.

Five Podcasters Who Might Actually Be Geniuses 2

Neal Brennan

Who is he? Skinny white guy who earned infinite Cool Points by being friends with Dave Chappelle and co-creating the legendary Chappelle’s Show TV series.

Why is he a genius? Among the morass of teeth-grindingly lame, Radio 4-ready comedy/chat podcasts, Brennan’s The Champs stood out by dint of being both funny and relevant. There aren’t many guys who can hold their own while talking hip hop to a far-from-sober Danny Brown one week and then racism in comedy with Jordan Peele the next.

Five Podcasters Who Might Actually Be Geniuses 3

Elliott Kalan

Who he? Formerly the head writer on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show. Co-host of The Flop House film podcast.

Why is he a genius? You’d be right to turn your nose up at another show on which a few chuckling men make fun of bad films. Unless said show contained Elliott Kalan. A borderline-hysterical presence whose mouth can barely keep up with his brain, Kalen would be incredibly annoying were it not for the fact he’s smarter than anyone we’ve ever met.

Five Podcasters Who Might Actually Be Geniuses 1

Joseph Fink

Who is he? A deceptively normal-looking bloke who co-created the game-changing Welcome To Night Vale series. War of The Worlds meets Twin Peaks would be the most obvious comparison.

Why is he a genius? Anyone that can turn a bi-monthly news broadcast from a fictional American desert town into a live-touring, money-making phenomenon is probably a genius. Fink’s also launched a new series, Alice Isn’t Dead, that continues in the same laudably weird vein.

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