An unmissable week of Scottish celebrations

What with Burns night and T2 Trainspotting, we're all Scottish now

An unmissable week of Scottish celebrations

KERB's Weekender

Friday and Saturday (SE16)
“There’s nae better party in toon!” promises KERB. Nice little line to use when suggesting it in the WhatsApp group. Then you say it on the night and the lads aren’t feeling your accent. “Were you doing Ian Paisley?” someone asks. But hey, you’re here! And KERB legends – Wild Game Co, Deeney’s etc – are doing one-off Scottish street-food dishes like the Macbeth Toastie, with haggis, cheddar and onion.

An unmissable week of Scottish celebrations 1

Merchants Tavern

Tonight (EC2)

Properly esoteric-sounding Scottish stuff as part of a one-off menu. Cock-a-leekie soup & prunes; heather honey tart with creme fraiche. Probably all that Alex Salmond ever eats. Salmond, handed a phone at lunch, barking “can’t this wait until after my cock-a-leekie soup and prunes?” There’s a special whisky, grapefruit and honey cocktail too, Rabbie’s Dram.

An unmissable week of Scottish celebrations 2

St John Of Hackney

Thursday-Saturday (E5)

This night’s called Burns Baby Burns – also the title of a God-level Simpsons episode. The sort you catch yourself faffing on about two pints into a Tinder date. “It’s got several mischievous references to Caddyshack, Laura!” The vibe at St John is a 19th century Highland Castle, with literary recitals, an absolutely massive haggis, a banqueting table, and twirling fire poles. OTT and fantastic.

An unmissable week of Scottish celebrations 3

The Sun Tavern

Tonight (E2)

Here’s the one if you want to get properly drunk while hiding behind Burns’ tenuous veil of high culture. Special whisky cocktails have been dreamed up, each available for just £5. Like The Deer Stalker: Glenfiddich, lemon juice, maraschino, egg white. Some old man, doubtlessly alone, doubtlessly dead inside, will probably grumble something like “Scotch in a cocktail… Sacrilege.” They’re a fiver mate, loosen up!

An unmissable week of Scottish celebrations 4

Mac & Wild

Every day until Friday (various locations)

The home of the fantastic Veni-Moo Burger has absolutely gone for it. While others have meekly tooted the Burns Bagpipes, Mac & Wild has grabbed them and emptied its lungs with a whole week’s worth of events for ol’ Rabbie. Whisky and beer pairing, haggis-making, the works.

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