Become king of the buses with the new Hopper bus fare

Not only has your commute got a whole lot cheaper, but it's become infinitely more entertaining, too

Today, Sadiq Khan is paying homage to a dearly departed Hollywood hell raiser and introducing the new Hopper bus ticket, thus allowing Londoners to nab two journeys an hour for a mere £1.50. It’s going to tempt a fresh crop of us to finally pledge our commuting allegiance to the Big Red Smog Rocket, meaning you may want to prepare for the following: tutting ‘been doing the buses since this lot were in nappies’ die-hards; furious window bangers running after the 800-deep Holborn service because they’ve only got three of their sixty minutes left; and a scalding climate akin to the inside of a freshly toasted pitta bread. Welcome aboard, new fellow passengers – Big Dennis is up there somewhere smiling down on you.

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