Why Trump Is A Danger To All Londoners

Ahead of the US election, ex-SAS man Andy McNab tells us why The Donald imperils our security

Trump’s success has awoken the extreme right, and the loons of the world now see an opportunity to have a voice. He’s made their aims seem more legitimate. He’s given them a reason to act.

There are now 70 million Americans who would want to overthrow a government for being too liberal. And groups across the UK see that and think “we can create the same thing”. Our far right has become more mainstream.

Trump’s influence on UK politics has been obvious. There were almost exact replicas of him in the European Referendum campaign. It was all very personal: look at Boris Johnson’s remark about “part-Kenyan” Barack Obama.

The way politicians here conduct themselves is similar to Trump: how they dress, the presidential addresses they give. At a political level we are more influenced by America than we are by Europe. The more MPs mimic him, the more the far right will grow in confidence.

Why Trump Is A Danger To All Londoners 1

And people imitate him because his strategy works. He knows many are thinking. A lot of people will act appalled publicly when they hear others echoing Trump, but are actually thinking it themselves privately, trust me. They just outwardly annihilate others for fear of seeming un-PC.

In London we don’t take the Trump-fuelled threat seriously enough. The press make fun of right-wing characters, so the public does too. The problem is that we’re obsessed with Islamic extremists as the bad guys of the day, so we miss other dangers.

All it needs is one guy with extreme views and money to put himself forward. Then we’d have the UK equivalent of Trump, and a more immediate headache. We would accept Trump over here. His mother was Scottish, you know – he could sell himself.

It will be polarising for London if the right-wing continues to have success. Expect a lot more trouble, a move towards violent clashes. Trump’s predicted riots at the Republican convention. The same could happen here.

Andy’s new novel Street Soldier is released on August 11

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