Become a Mercury Prize know-it-all

Tonight's Mercury Prize may be a dead cert but that doesn't mean you should ignore the rest

Tonight’s Mercury Prize is a dead cert, right? Bowie’s got it in the bag. It’s not stopped every self-righteous vinyl-spinner from ranting about their album of the year missing out on even a sniff of the top prize, though. But if anyone’s got the right to roll his eyes it’s Steve Sexton of Sister Ray Records – a man whose pro opinion sends everyone else’s irate babbling into the bin. Here’s three he knows were criminally overlooked: “Mogwai’s Atomic was pushing at extremes, even for them. It’s disgraceful it wasn’t nominated – I might picket the ceremony. The two tracks on Four Tet’s Morning/Evening are up there too, and the krautrock goodness of Cavern of Anti-Matter’s Void Beats/Invocation Trex sorely deserved a punt.”

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