Blend your own whisky at Chivas Regal's Art of Blending masterclass

Event to be hosted by Chivas Regal

Mr Hyde has teamed up with Chivas Regal to give all readers 10 per cent off their tickets to the Art of Blending sessions at London’s oldest whisky shop, Milroy’s of Soho.

You can book a session from today until Sunday 15 May.

Chivas Regal has been carefully selecting and blending whiskies since 1801. You’ll get an insight into what it takes to become a master blender and create your very own unique whisky at Milroy’s of Soho.

The Chivas Regal Art of Blending sessions usually last an hour and you can blend your very own Scotch whisky and discover the traditions, craft and expertise of the Chivas Regal master blenders.

Standard tickets are £25 and premium tickets are £45.

Book your place here to get 10 per cent off your ticket

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