Get 40 per cent off your food bill at Darbaar

The latest venture from award-winning Chef Abdul Yaseen

Mr Hyde has teamed up with Darbaar to offer all readers 40 per cent off their food bill. Darbaar is the latest venture from award-winning Chef Abdul Yaseen, whose mouthwatering menu showcases cuisine inspired by the Royal Courts of India. Star dishes include Masala quail with pickled chickpea salad, spiced crusted sea bass with shrimp and coconut sambal and baked leg of rabbit with Rajasthani chillies.

The interiors feature midnight blue walls, gold chandeliers, copper tones and elephant heads adorning the walls. Drapes and ornate mirrors hang indoors, creating a dazzling atmosphere. This is the perfect place to go for a delicious dinner spot.

Dates: Valid from 19-26 April (Restaurant not open on Sundays)
Location: Darbaar, 1 Snowden St, Broadgate Quarter, London EC2A 2DQ
Includes: 40 per cent off the food bill on the a la carte menu, not including drinks. Up to four people per booking
Booking: Reservations must be made in advance. Please enter your details below to receive booking instructions

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