Documentaries that will make you laugh out loud

Not all factual film making has to be a Werner Herzog-style voyage into the heart of darkness...

Documentaries that will make you laugh out loud


A strangely uplifting look at the high-octane world of competitive Donkey Kong players in America. The film focuses on one mild-mannered teacher’s personal quest to beat the high score of Billy Mitchell, a sort of monstrous local celebrity who approaches retro arcade games with the swagger and focus of an Olympic sprinter.
Funniest scene (that we could find on YouTube): Literally anything featuring the gloriously cocksure Mitchell.

Documentaries that will make you laugh out loud 1


Sad-sack film maker Chris Waitt has been dumped a lot. As a result he decides to track down each and every one of his exes with the intent of asking them (on camera) what made him such a crap boyfriend. Spoiler: it’s because he’s a self-obsessed man child.
Funniest scene: Waitt singing a song about his own impotence (to an ex).

Documentaries that will make you laugh out loud 2


Riffing off Morgan Spurlock’s similarly named junk-food expose, noted marijuana enthusiast and comedian Doug Benson decides to smoke weed all day, every day for a month. Look at how small his eyes get! Benson’s schtick gets a little tiresome, but the film has a load of great cameos from celebrated soft-drug advocates such as Zach Galafianakis, Sarah Silverman and the great Patton Oswalt.
Funniest scene: Doug interviews a predictably talkative pot activist.

Documentaries that will make you laugh out loud 3


Every year the tiny German village of Wacken plays host to the ginormous extreme heavy-metal festival of the same name. This film focuses on the local residents who, despite having nothing in common with the 80,000 leather-clad maniacs who descend annually on their community, have sort of made peace with the whole thing.
Funniest scene: Not much on the ol’ Tube. So here’s the trailer.

Documentaries that will make you laugh out loud 4


Comedians, it turns out, have a secret joke they like to tell each other. It’s a strange joke. A dirty joke. And unless it’s told by a skilled performer, it’s not that funny. This film features roughly 100 comics, all doing the gag in their own way. One of Stewart Lee’s favourite films.
Funniest scene: Probably all-American family entertainer Bob Saget’s absolutely horrific, marathon version of the joke.

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