Extravagant Holiday Wallets

You've booked the flights. Secured a hotel. Now you just need some kind of semi-pointless but lovely object to fuss over.

The All-In-One One

Extravagant Holiday Wallets 1

This thing. This… beast. Wax And Hide is a great company that uses top-quality leather. This is their coup de grace.

What is says about you: Suddenly you’re not the lolloping laughing stock of the Departures Lounge, documents tumbling out the front of your rucksack, cheap coffee spilling hither and thither. With this tucked securely underarm you’re a platinum power-lord, no doubt en route to one of your European factories where you’ll lay off 250 employees.

The Dinky One

Extravagant Holiday Wallets 3

We flew this cheeky thing in from Herschel Supply Company’s US online shop. Their UK shop stocks similar stuff. But we wanted this one in particular. Because we are Hyde. And our standards are unyielding.

What is says about you: There’s something of the Catch Me If You Can, jet-setting kinky conman about you. Act oblivious to the admiring glances across the Terminal 5 Pret A Manger forecourt, all you want; you’re a star and you know it.

The Tech-y One

Extravagant Holiday Wallets 2

Stow’s top-drawer travel case thing featuring high-tech goodies including a phone and tablet charger, a flash drive and a fold-out plug. Hack the world!

What is says about you: Prepared. We’ve all been there. You’re about to get on a plane, your laptop’s battery’s almost dead and then bam Lindsay Lohan announces a new film project. It’ll be seven hours until you get home and by that time your news blog will be woefully out of date. With this thing that simply won’t be an issue.

The Basic One

Extravagant Holiday Wallets 4

Bellroy’s handy travel wallet. It’s made with some kind of exceptionally high-quality, tanned leather but we believe the most exciting aspect of this is the “micro pen” tucked into its spine. Mmm, micro pen.

What is says about you: Not much, to be honest. But perhaps that’s the point? You like the finer things in life. But also believe in moderation and discretion. Also: you appreciate pens of all sizes.

The Durable One

Extravagant Holiday Wallets

An all-terrain zip-up travel wallet from Fjallraven – a Norwegian company that sounds like a derelict castle in Game of Thrones.

What is says about you: Rough. Ready. Equally comfortable in the wilderness, knee-deep in swamp sludge, and also at a dinner party, Malbec in hand, talking at length about what it’s like to be in the wilderness knee-deep in swamp sludge.

Words by Joe Mackertich

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