Get The Look: Eurovisionaries

In honour of this weekend's Eurovision Song Contest we gather style tips from the continental musicians who changed the game

Get The Look: Eurovisionaries

The Frenchman: Jean Michel Jarre

There’s more to this guy than soundtrack-to-10,000-magic-shows Oxygène IV. JMJ still appears at cutting-edge dance festivals alongside the likes of Four Tet, Laurent Garnier and James Blake because the laser-loving electronic trailblazer influenced them all. Jarre’s early career also makes for a goody bag of cool photographs, none more so than this one. His hair is on-point, his Hawaiian-vibed shirt is trendily tucked-in and his (then state-of-the-art) trainers are proper heritage chic. We look forward to his upcoming Gorillaz collaboration.

Get The Look: Eurovisionaries 1

The Belgian: Jacques Brel

You might not have heard of him, but there’s a good chance you’ve heard his songs. A whole host of musical luminaries can be classed as Brel fanboys, among them David Bowie, who covered his track My Death. Soft Cell’s Marc Almond and avant-garde singer Scott Walker both recorded enough Brel tracks to make entire compilation albums. Here the man himself proves a spring suit needn’t be all beige and linen. This mix of a lightweight but dark-coloured suit with a pop of colour coming from the red roll neck makes a cracking option for low-temperature days.

Get The Look: Eurovisionaries 2

The Englishman: Brian Eno

Are you a weirdo polymath genius? A pioneering, cross-genre master who’s been lending a Midas-like touch to all kinds of records for 40 years? Have you played synths for Roxy Music, invented the ambient genre, scored tracks for computer games and never not been considered cool? Yes? In that case you can wear whatever the hell you want – such as an animal-print shirt, similar to this one sold by Burberry – and still look great.

Get The Look: Eurovisionaries 3

The Italian: Giorgio Moroder

What with catwalks being awash with flared pants and wispy shirts right now it’s safe to say the 1970s is once again influencing fashion. True, much of the decade’s style exhibited all the taste and restraint of an Emerson Lake and Palmer organ solo, but let’s not dismiss it wholesale. What about disco linchpin Giorgio Moroder and his trademark “cool T-shirt under a suit” look? Don’t forget to combine with a chunky retro watch and look-at-me-sunnies, courtesy of Retrosuperfuture.

Get The Look: Eurovisionaries 4

The German: Michael Rother

Ever find yourself overwhelmed during Serious Music Conversations? Michael Rother is the weapons-grade name to drop, guaranteed to impress even the most tedious of “rock historians”. Having set up seminal band Neu! and been a founding member of Kraftwerk, the guy has directly influenced everyone from Aphex Twin to Radiohead. Fittingly for a man obsessed with minimalism, Rother shows you don’t need to dress in loads of fancy stuff to be cool. Eschewing accessories and gimmicks, Rother opts instead for a killer rock’n’roll haircut and nice simple shirt. Top work Michael.

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