Get The Look: Strikers

Football's a team game, but no one's under any illusion which players get the glory. Here's how to dress like an immortal goalscorer

CANADA - AUGUST 07:  Paolo Rossi: Scoring king of World Cup hasn't clicked with Michel Platini at Juventus.   (Photo by Boris Spremo/Toronto Star via Getty Images)


A cool but not fussy hair cut, one good quality tee and some well-chosen jewellery can do a lot for a guy, as demonstrated here. The elegant Tuscan centre forward makes being stylish look easy by avoiding all the diamante embellished tropes that later came to represent Italian footballers. Don’t be afraid to layer your accessories a bit, but remember: to carry off Rossi’s look you’ll want to keep it simple. Air of Mediterranean insouciance not mandatory.

CHESTER, ENGLAND - MAY 08:   Manchester United players Wayne Rooney and Danny Welbeck arrive at Chester racecourse on May 08, 2013 in Chester, England. (Photo by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images)


It’s true that the young Gunner can look a bit Bambi-on-Ice on the pitch, but he’s definitely got his act together off it. The way he’s combined this sharp grey suit with deep plumb coloured tie shows real tekkers. Note how the crisp white shirt makes everything look that little bit shaper and there are no fussy flamboyant accessories dragging the look down. Match with a pair of simple no-nonsense shoes and you’re good to go.

Football, 1973, West Germany+s Gerd Muller  (Photo by Bob Thomas/Getty Images)


Nicknamed “The Nation’s Bomber”, Müller bagged more than a goal a game (68 in 62) for West Germany, so it’s testament to the footballing majesty of “Der Kaiser” Franz Beckenbauer that the tracksuit worn in this image is now named after him and not the prolific striker. Müller knew how to rock a tracky top and bottoms better than most. Buy this a size too small and wear with matching trainers for extra Teutonic authenticity.

Rendezvous With Eric Cantona. Rendez-vous avec le footbaleur Eric CANTONA dans sa maison de Poilly sur Tholon, près d'Auxerre : assis sur la margelle du puits de sa ferme, la chienne Branda à ses pieds, lisant un ouvrage de psychanalyse. (photo recadrée). (Photo by Jack Garofalo/Paris Match via Getty Images)


“When the seagulls follow the trawler, it’s because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.” The secret to Cantona’s ice-cold awesomeness? He just didn’t give a damn. Whether it be the arrogance applied to his flicked-up collar, a delicately chipped finish or a leaping kung-fu kick to the face, he did what he wanted. Hence him turning out in this left-field pastel crew-neck, norm-core jeans and stout moccasin combo. Finish the look off with an existential novel or two.

English footballer Jimmy Greaves, of Chelsea FC, oiling a lawnmower at his home in Hornchurch, East London, April 1961. (Photo by Keystone Features/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)


America has icons that build motorbikes, we get men who tinker with lawnmowers. But don’t let that fool you, if anything it’s testament to the 1960s England hotshot that he looks so stylish doing it. Greaves’ outfit is utterly timeless; the knitted shirt is a staple that looks especially dapper with his wool trouser and shiny shoe ensemble.

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