Get The Look: Tennis Mavericks

Wimbledon starts today – give 'em hell, Tim! – so take inspiration from the sport's style icons

Get The Look: Tennis Mavericks

The Loudmouth: John McEnroe

It’ll come as no surprise that the volatile swearyman is in this list. But what will be a shock is that it’s for his Beastie Boy-inspired wardrobe. Who knew? We’ve seen the classic images of his rage-spouting, Sergio Tacchini-wearing youth, but the late 80s McEnroe? It’s been slept on too damn long. Check that wet-look leather jacket. And he always avoided the classic mistake of going overboard with the rest of his outfit: a simple pair of well-washed jeans and Chelsea boots suffice.

Get The Look: Tennis Mavericks 1

The Pioneer: Arthur Ashe

Ashe was a man of firsts. He was the first African American on the US Davis Cup team and the first black man to win the US Open and Wimbledon. His look here might have dated slightly – lapels have gotten slimmer and collars smaller – but the light-shade wool blazer, contrasted with a more “out there” shiny shirt, is still a strong option. The St Christopher pendant is a timeless classic of male jewellery and his signature trainer has not dated a jot.

Get The Look: Tennis Mavericks 2

The Enigma: Andre Agassi

You know what’s weird about this mulleted master? He looked super awesome on court, but awful off it. Here he is stepping out in his tablecloth. These days, if you want to get the on-court Agassi look you’ll have to trawl eBay, as only his Nike Air sneaks have made the reissue list. At a push you can get similar shorts, but nothing match the brilliance of those faux-denim sporty numbers.

Get The Look: Tennis Mavericks 3

The Playboy: Bjorn Borg

With his rock-star good looks, “Ice Borg” was a god of 70s tennis. Always sophisticated yet relaxed – whether it was this casual track top and washed jean combo, or his sweat band, tiny shorts and Fila court wear – he became a true fashion icon. These days he has a pants collection too, and if you’d told the folk back then that, they’d probably have passed out with excitement.

Get The Look: Tennis Mavericks 4

The Natural: Yannick Noah

This Frenchman could get dressed one-handed in the dark and always be the most dapper at the party. We’re in awe of this summer ensemble: his no-effort denim shirt downplays the brashness of the patterned trousers. There’s balance with the ecru jacket tied around his waist breaking up the blues. And while his accessories might be safe picks, he was known to rock sandals. Much braver.

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