Things to do

Rally the troops for Ruscha

All you need to do now is choose who to take with you

Choosing who to take to Ed Ruscha’s new exhibition, Extremes and In-Betweens at the Gagosian Gallery, will go as follows. 1. A quick message to the core 10 in your “Bantz With The Boyz” WhatsApp group expressing an interest. 2. Seven responses saying pretty much: “Wait, so it’s just a bunch of words on a canvas? Don’t get it, mate. Nah, I’m out.” Relax. No matter. You predicted this. 3. “LOL! *winky emoji*”. It’s Danish Stu, the creepy MC from your pub quiz. You ignore him. All of you. Again. 4. Finally. Finally. “Ruscha? Yes. Yesss. I’m going to eat up his direct yet ocean-deep emotional power like it’s a bag of Doritos.” It’s Tom. Dear Ol’ Tom. And you’re sorted.

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