Mr Hyde is the free, daily email you’ll actually look forward to opening.

We’ll tell you about the best new places to eat and drink. We’ll throw an overwhelming number of special offers and competitions your way. We’ll show you how to dress, what to watch, who to listen to and where to go when you feel like reading the newspaper, using someone’s free WiFi and having a pint. We will, in short, do everything in our power to make your life that little bit better.

And the best part? You’re in total control how much of this information you get. All you have to do is choose which topics you want to hear from us about.

What Mr Hyde has to offer:


For those committed to looking good, but who don’t take it too seriously. Your introduction to trends that you can actually see yourself wearing, the key pieces that define that trend, and exactly how to fit them into your look. Fashion you can genuinely relate to. 

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An exhaustive list of the week’s new openings, special events and offers. Celebrating the genuinely inventive cooking and calling out the opportunistic pop-ups. Improved, more detailed, food reviews that’ll make you feel like you were there. You won’t need to look anywhere else for inspiration that’s easily matched to your needs. 

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New products that’ll make your life easier in ways you didn’t realise were possible, whether for home, work, or the gym. Gaming taken as seriously as anything that keeps you from a £100 night out should be.

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Going Out

You don’t have the time to wade through the frankly terrifying amount of weekend options that have sprung up in London. We know this. Let us bring you the only parts you need to know about, in a digestible, easily applied way. Meeting a mate for one drink? Third date? Here’s precisely what to do, clearly labelled. 

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Pulling the gems out of the gigantic streaming swamp to make every night in both edifying and something to be proud of. Plus the invaluable “Commute Distracter” franchise, unearthing truly fascinating material each week (album, longread, podcast etc) to completely take your mind off the cramped hell of the morning train ride. 

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Simple, highly effective workouts from experts, tailored specially to one part of the body. Clearly visualised with moving images so you can throw yourself in straight away and ensure best form. Classes and kit given a rigorous examination. No elitism; no guilt about cheat days. 

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