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About Us

Mr Hyde is the free, daily email you'll actually look forward to opening.

We'll tell you about places to eat and drink. We'll throw a frankly overwhelming number of special offers and competitions your way. We'll show you how to dress, what to watch, who to listen to and where to go when you feel like reading the newspaper, using someone's free WiFi and having a pint. We will, in short, do everything in our power to make your life that little bit better.

Oh, and one more (fairly important thing): no one can pay to be on Mr Hyde. If we say we like a burger place it's because we ate there and we liked it. When we recommend a book, rest assured we've read it. That time we reviewed every beer on the Sam Smith's menu in one sitting? We still have the hang-over. Because you put up with enough fraudulent garbage throughout the day without us adding to it.

Sign up, friend. We will not disappoint you.