Where you can see the hit Edinburgh shows in London

These comedians wowed the Fringe, now they're heading our way

Stand up comedian Adam Hess on stage

Social Squirming

Adam Hess: Feathers 

Hess' new show is a breathless hour of social anxiety-ridden anecdotes and one-liners. Next time your thoroughly rehearsed work presentation turns into galloping, nonsensical gabble, turn here for comfort. For a sneak peek, go to his Twitter and get Siri to read it to you on 5x speed.

Soho Theatre, Sep 19-24, book now

Stand up comedian Adam Hess on stage

Political Insight

Bridget Christie: Because You Demanded It

You'll never see most of this show about life and death because Christie binned it after Britain's attempted harakiri on June 23. (Or when we Took Back Control, if that's your jam.) What remains is fodder to her bewildered post-vote fury. So polished and articulate it sounds like it's been written in two years, not two months.

Leicester Square Theatre, various dates Sep-Feb. Book now

Stand up comedian Bridget Christie on stage

Intelligent Rage

Nish Kumar: Actions Speak Louder Than Words... 

Bigots telling people to "go home" are intensely dislikable. You want to see them pilloried. And Kumar delivers! He pounds and pounds and pounds away with a state-of-the-nation routine balancing the comedy of righteous indignation with a near-academic rigour.

Duchess Theatre, Dec 12. Book now

Stand up comedian Nish Kumar on stage

Slow-Build Sketches

Croft And Pearce: Are Not Themselves

"Edinburgh Fringe sketch show" all too often translates as "unrelated, overcooked one-liners, poorly told by Hugo Double-Barrelled from a Russell Group uni". This female duo's sketches are ingenious and penetrating. They skewer the middle-class but crucially are all inter-connected and create a whole absorbing world that drives to an arresting, personal ending.

Museum Of Comedy, Sep 24. Book now

Sketch comedians croft and pearce on stage

Meta Magic

Zoe Coombs Marr: Trigger Warning

This female comic's latest is about lad-at-large Dave who seeks respite from the online "feminazis" he's offended by performing stand-up in the guise of thirtysomething female comic... Zoe. If you'd be happy to find the toy in your Kinder Egg was another Kinder Egg, and the toy inside that was another Kinder Egg and so on, this one's for you, you sicko!

Soho Theatre, Aug 30-Sep 10. Book now

Comedian Zoe Coombs Marr on stage

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