Central London Beer Trail: Clerkenwell, King’s Cross and Euston

Clerkenwell, King's Cross and Euston

Central London Beer Trail: Clerkenwell, King's Cross and Euston 1

We're great fellas and girls here at Mr Hyde. We like going for a drink, we like sharing pints with our mates. Which is why we set up our Mr Hyde Beer Month, giving you, our loyal readers two-for-one on pints across some of our favourite bars and beer locations across London.

But! We hear you cry, how the bloody hell do I fit in all these drinks? So we thought we'd share some of our favourite pub crawls. The ones we do after work, the ones we do at the weekend. Where we like to drink, and where you soon, will like to drink too.

So without further ado, here's our favourite craft beer-y locations across the centre-north of London.

And if you look closely, a couple of our mighty 241 vouchers are scattered throughout, so make sure you bring a friend to share a pint or two with.

Having a great time? Share your most hand-crafted images with us on Instagram using the hashtag #followthepint so we can see where you managed to get to.

Draft House Chancery 4

The Draft House Chancery

1 Plough Pl, London EC4A 1DE

We are huge fans of the Draft House, as you might have gathered from their huge presence in our Beer Month campaign. The Chancery one is a veritable beer mecca, starting with its frankly huge size, but not forgetting the amazing number of taps of sweet sweet beer. Well, hoppy, hoppy beer. But you get our gist. Get down there after work and get ready to #followthepint

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Central London Beer Trail: Clerkenwell, King's Cross and Euston 1

The Gunmakers

13 Eyre St Hill, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 5ET

Look closely in this teeny tiny pub, and you might see a few of the Mr Hyde team in there. That’s right, it’s our local! But we’re not even just being biased and sending you to the crummy place we go and mope over our failed presentations, it’s an actual ‘hidden gem’, tucked away opposite Leather Lane market, with a great range of drinks and a rotating pop-up kitchen. But heads up, it’s only open during the week.

Central London Beer Trail: Clerkenwell, King's Cross and Euston 2

The Exmouth Arms

23 Exmouth Market, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 4QL

It’s a green-tiled pub! You love a green-tiled pub. They look great on the ‘gram, they make you feel retro. But… but, what is it like inside? Well, conveniently for everyone involved, the Exmouth Arms not only looks good, but tastes bloody beautiful too. The beer range is incredibly strong, with thirteen keg and four cask pumps and a seemingly unlimited range of bottles and cans. And they do crab and chips. What else could you want?

Fullers pub, The Parcel Yard at Kings Cross, London. Credit: Professional Images

The Parcel Yard, King's Cross

King's Cross Station, London, N1C 4AH

Another ‘hiding in plain sight’ location, the Parcel Yard is - can you guess it? – the old parcel yard in King’s Cross station. Tucked away (as much as anything can be tucked in a huge train pit) at the veeeeery back of the station, you can sit on the ‘outdoor’ balcony and watch obsessive Potterheads try and ram their trollies into Platform Nine and Three Quarters. Plus, plus you can revel in two for one on your pints, thanks to ours truly.

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Euston Tap

190 Euston Rd, Kings Cross, London NW1 2EF

Oh we’re going big on the ‘great pubs in stations’ vibe now. Oh boy. Toddling down the Euston Road, past that fancy St Pancs hotel, past the British Library you arrive to … the worst station in London. But it’s only, and main, redeeming feature is the Euston Tap. Spread across the two station lodges at the former entrance to aforementioned worst station in London, it’s fiercely dedicated to craft and independent beer, and with 20 kegs, 8 rotation casks and 150 bottles on at any one time, who can argue? A pilgrimage for beer nerds.

The Bree Louise

69 Cobourg St, Kings Cross, London NW1 2HH

Right, you’ve had a few now. You’ve enjoyed two for one at two spots, and been dazzled by some of London’s best pubs. Time for a pie. A good old, soak-up-the-beer pie. Thankfully, the Bree Louise, just around the corner from Euston is The Home Of The Pies. Gravy? Sure. Mash? Alright. Fillings… well. There’s everything beyond your wildest dreams, let’s put it like that. The beer is great, the vibe is oldschool, with those whimsical hanging plants that everyone likes taking pictures so much. Spend an hour, spend a few.