East London Beer Trail: Old Street to Stoke Newington

Shoreditch, Hoxton, Dalston, Stoke Newington

East London Beer Trail: Old Street to Stoke Newington 4

We're great fellas and girls here at Mr Hyde. We like going for a drink, we like sharing pints with our mates.

But! We hear you cry, how the bloody hell do I fit in all these drinks? So we thought we'd share some of our favourite pub crawls. The ones we do after work, the ones we do at the weekend. Where we like to drink, and where you soon, will like to drink too.

So without further ado, here's our favourite craft beer-y locations across East London.

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Draft House Old Street

The Draft House Old Street

Mews Unit, The Bower, 211 Old Street, London, EC1V 9NR

Old Street? Mad, innit. Silicon Roundabout, they call it. Well, let’s start this by ducking away of the circus of people trying to get ‘that hipster vibe’, to the Draft House’s Old Street location, conveniently a couple of minutes from actual Old Street. You know the Draft House vibe – quality beers, decent space. Get involved. Go on.

East London Beer Trail: Old Street to Stoke Newington

Bar Prague

6 Kingsland Road E2 8DA

Moving on, and we know, we know, it’s hard to battle through those Shoreditch streets without diving in for some food, but turn the corner and you’ll hit Bar Prague, ready to try some Czech delights. It’s a dark little place, and you’ll be lucky to get a seat, but a pint or two of the golden stuff will have you ready to move on.

Beagle 1


397-400 Geffrye Street, E2 8HZ

Ready for a complete change of scene? Right beside Hoxton station (ready for The Inevitable Late Person to make an entrance) lies Beagle. The bare brick walls, steel fittings and peerless beer list give it that ‘authentic East London’ feel. They’ve also got a hearty food menu, so if you didn’t indulge back in Old Street, get involved. Yet to see an actual beagle on the premises though.

East London Beer Trail: Old Street to Stoke Newington 1

The Fox

372 Kingsland Road, E8 4DA

Oh now this is the sort of pub beer trails were created for. Taps all over the place, rotating selection of the newest crafts, in basically just a big room for drinking. But you know what we mean, it’s one of those classic ‘going to the pub’ experiences, that you dreamt about when you were thinking about ‘being an adult and going for drinks after work’. It draws a great crowd, and in the heat of summer you can even get up on their rooftop terrace to enjoy your beer amongst the best of London’s smog.

East London Beer Trail: Old Street to Stoke Newington 2

The Haggerston

438 Kingsland Rd, E8 4AA

You might have noticed this beer crawl just got super easy. You’re just walking forwards in a straight line now. And, just minutes, maybe even seconds from the The Fox is The Haggerston. That was easy. And boy oh boy, is it another great boozer. The ‘modern’ vibe is upped a little more, but still isn’t lacking in great beer, and great… y’know, places to sit and enjoy it. And pizza.

East London Beer Trail: Old Street to Stoke Newington 3

The White Hart

69 Stoke Newington High Street, N16 8EL

The mother of all beer gardens is waiting for you behind this unassuming looking Stokey boozer. You go out to a nice terrace, but step down and it … just goes on. And on. Like being in the bloody countryside, this. It’s a pub mecca, filled with all good things like Sunday roasts, live music, board games, and, we can’t mention it enough, that garden.

The Four Quarters 2

The Axe

18 Northwold Rd, N16 7HR

This, according to one Mr Hyde staffer, is the best pub in the world. 'It just has everything' they say. 'Great food, great moody atmosphere, great, glorious selection of all the world's coolest beers'. And the setting - oh the setting! Green tiled, for that real I-am-cool-I-am-in-Stoke-Newington feel, dark benches inside, but wait, what's that? A garden. Oh a little yard, fine. Wait - it's a huge outside inside! Try the bar snacks, try all the beers. You're going to have a hard time leaving, so you might as well bed in.