New Breweries You Can Drink In

They make beer, they serve beer, they want to be your friend

New Breweries You Can Drink In 2

Mondo Brewing Company

Where is it? Battersea, SW8

Since: August 2015

These Battersea boys first blipped onto our radar after extinguishing a spicy belly fire with their specially brewed IPA for nu-skool Indian eatery Dishoom. Their own spot south of the river is an equally nifty hangout, with a long copper bar, shiny space-aged brewery equipment and 15 taps of ever-rotating good stuff. If there’s an international rugby match on that day, it’s likely to be played up on the big screen, too.

What’ll it be? Mondo Kemosabe IPA (6.4%).

New Breweries You Can Drink In

The London Beer Factory

Where is it? Gypsy Hill, SE27

Since: April 2015

Just a couple of scaffolding pipes, a few wooden boards, a handful of taps and a dartboard make up this DIY booze shack inside the entrance of this brewery’s industrial unit. As you'd expect from the name, there are no frills to be found here. It's a factory, mate. A factory you can drink in. Good old-fashioned boozing is the order of the day here, and about as far from soulless swanky city drinking as you can get.

What’ll it be? LBF Chelsea Blonde (4.3%).

New Breweries You Can Drink In 1

Howling Hops

Where is it? Hackney Wick, E9 Since: June 2015

If we’re ever in need of a watering hole in Hackney Wick, it’d take something pretty special to drag us away from CRATE Brewery’s waterside pizza-serving tap room. It’d take something like, oh, only the UK’s first dedicated tank bar. Expanding from their space under the Cock Tavern in Hackney Central, Howling Hops have said “to hell with beer served from casks or kegs” and pull their dizzy juice from ten enormous steel tanks in Queens Yard instead. Fresh. To. Death.

What’ll it be? Howling Hops Black XX (5.5%) and a Billy Smokes BBQ hot-smoked sausage sandwich.

New Breweries You Can Drink In 2

Bullfinch Brewery

Where is it? Herne Hill, SE24

Since: August 2015

It’s a bleedin’ miracle. Your latest Tinder date isn’t only a knockout ten-outta-ten, but she’s a total craft beer maniac, too! She’s so right for you. Problem is, it’s your turn to pick your next date spot. Right here, Bullfinch’s cosy shack-chic alco-pit, is perfect meet-up number three material. Just look at it, all candle-lit, bunting-laiden and beer-filled. You got this, buddy. YOU GOT THIS!

What’ll it be? Bullfinch RYPA (5.8%) to wash down a weekend brunch delivered by Dulwich Bakery.

New Breweries You Can Drink In 3

Canopy Beer Co

Where is it? Herne Hill, SE24

Since: May 2015

If the air raid shelter vibes at Canopy’s under-the-arches location bring on a spell of harrowing Blitzkrieg flashbacks, then grab a table in the brewery’s outdoors suntrap instead. With straight-from-the-source bevvies, a couple of local ciders and gins and wines for Gavin (we’ve all got a Gavin), this could be the new lunchtime-to-last-train Saturday boozing spot you’ve been hoping for.

What’ll it be? Canopy Ruskin Wheat Beer (5.4%) and a fistful of meaty "beer sticks".

Words by Chris Sayer

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