Fishermen on fish and chips

We went along to Billingsgate Fish Market at the crack of dawn to ask the guys who work there where they reckon serves the best fish and chips

Fisherman on fish and chips 3

Danny, 58 (Leleu & Morris)

"The Ark in Hermon Hill is the best in London. The fish and chips is no nonsense. Mark, the owner buys from here every single day: he gets up at 5 am and then cooks all day. He's a hard customer, though, and picks cod fillets from us, but buys other cuts and kinds of fish from other specific fishmongers. He wants quality, though, and gets it."

Fisherman on fish and chips 3


"I do like Fish Central, near Farringdon. It's a lovely sit down kind of place - always busy but not unbookable. It's got fresh fish and chips done in the traditional way. People round here know the cod is very good."

Fisherman on fish and chips 5


"Look, to be honest with you, if you ask people here, most of them don't eat fish and chips regularly. We're surrounded by 'em all day. I do like my fish, though. Adam's fish bar in Wimbledon is a jewel. Fresh and fried quickly in proper batter."

Fisherman on fish and chips 6


"People come from miles away to eat at the Seahorse in Dagenham. Honestly, they'll drive an hour to get there. It has a reputation. The owners bring in fresh, high-quality ingredients every day. Everyone says the fish is phenomenal. Cod and a big batch of chips, that's my recommendation."

Fisherman on fish and chips 7


"If we're talking quality then Britannia Fish Bar in Thamesmead is some of the best I've ever had. It's not got a massive reputation but if you're from that neck of the woods, you'll know this place. The fish is crisp and fresh and flaky, done the right way."

Fisherman on fish and chips 8