The new wave of taste sensations

Joel Golby proposes a few ingenious flavour combinations he reckons will set the London scene alight

The new wave of taste sensations 3

There’s been a champagne and fish and chips pop-up in Covent Garden, and a doughnuts and beer pairing evening at The Draft House too. These are all things that could maybe, possibly work as a flavour combination. You can kind of get it, right? You can possibly imagine it. And so with that in mind, and the possibility of riches if I came upon the right combo ("FOOD-STAND BILLIONAIRE BUYS THE MOON"), I tried to make some food-booze mash-up pairings of my own. But I’m an idiot, so I recruited excellent bartender and head of The Manhattans Project, Felix Cohen, to help me. Click the names of the combinations for the ingredients...



Method: Trawl around looking for alphabetti spaghetti, start thinking it maybe doesn’t exist anymore, give up and buy Peppa Pig shapes, then put a drained tin in an Asian-influenced Bloody Mary.

Verdict: A hit: the slow burn of the wasabi gave way to the giddy thrill of eating a chunk of pasta in the shape of Peppa Pig off a straw. “It’s sort of like childhood in a glass,” someone said, as he ate a Peppa Pig off the floor.


The new wave of taste sensations 1


Method: First we slow-brewed some camomile and honey tea, mixed it with whole milk to make a creamy porridge base, then we stuck the oats in and topped it up with gin.

Verdict: This is legitimately the best porridge I’ve ever eaten: eggnog-esque in the way the punch of the gin hits you slowly underneath the creamy duvet of oats. On a hangover, possibly the perfect cure. Although I ate the whole bowl and felt a bit weird.


The new wave of taste sensations 2


Method: Smoky, unctuous mescal sort of deserves meat to go with it, which is why I find myself staring at a glass of mince with an egg cracked on it and a cowboy boot full of mescal, in some sort of nightmarish steak tartare situation.

Verdict: “Mashing the egg into the mince is like a ceremonial thing,” I said, mashing the egg into the mince and cracking some pepper over it. And then I put some into my mouth. I do not want to talk about what happened next too much because I vomited.


The new wave of taste sensations 3