What to watch this weekend

Brent, Bullhead and a childhood classic reinvented

David Brent: Life On The Road

New cinema You know the gags already: Brent pulls a face and stares down the lens; Brent says something non-PC and a colleague despairs. The question is whether watching this is better than revisiting classic episodes on DVD. It just is, isn't it? Because you care about the Brent character. You want reassurance he's doing alright.

A still from David Brent: Life On The Road with Ricky Gervais

Swallows And Amazons

New cinema If Finding Dory was the kids' choice of summer-holiday film, S&A feels more like the parent pleaser. One's a Snickers Duo for lil' Bobby, one's a nectarine. It's luring those adults with nostalgic fondness for the classic children's book and its Good Honest Teachings.

A still from the 2016 release of Swallows and Amazons

The Childhood Of A Leader

New cinema Were you preoccupied during Haneke's The White Ribbon by how a young boy could look as tired as a hungover lecturer? If so, here's another chance to watch an eerie drama about an unsettling kid. He's the son of an American political heavyweight, and showing some ominous traits.

A still from The Childhood of a Leader

The Overnighters

Netflix An intimate and affecting documentary indebted to Steinbeck. One of those very American stories about boldly heading for a job-rich boomtown and finding it's a bleaker place than you hoped. Like one brave Sunday riding the District Line all the way to Richmond in search of better Eggs Benedict, you know?

The Overnighters


Amazon Prime This is a scandalously underrated Belgian film – a smart modern tragedy – but there's a scene that's so gut-churning that one Hyde writer had to briefly leave the screening to throw up. #ThirdDateViewing, right here! It's not gory, it's just... disturbing. You should still watch it, but brace yourself for the bit with the rocks.

A still from Bullhead

Heroes Of Helmand

4oD A relatively recent war story, albeit one that's loaded with a throwback sense of tension. In 2006, British soldiers in Helmand survived nearly two months in a tiny outpost despite being outnumbered and outgunned by Taliban forces. Expect to be stirred.

A still from documentary heroes of helmand