What to watch this weekend

Captain Fantastic, Bowie, and the Class of 92

Hell Or High Water

New cinema You'd always choose high water, wouldn't you? Quick swim, all done. Hell... tougher. Anyway: this is a western from the Starred Up director with a mighty cast (Chris Pine, Jeff Bridges) and a moral complexity – bank robbers thievin' to pay their late mother's debts. As smart and muscular as Henry Rollins.

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Captain Fantastic

New cinema Is bringing your children up in the woods brave or irresponsible? That's what you're being asked here. Viggo Mortensen's wild mob is dragged into contact with The Real World after a tragedy, and many funny/sad misunderstandings ensue.

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New cinema Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan have two of the most agreeable, handsome faces around. Who better to play a coupla gnarled Nazi-killers! This is a true story that, for once, warrants the "remarkable" tag as they hunt down the Nazis' third-in-command.

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The Man Who Fell To Earth

40th anniversary re-release Bowie, in his cocaine-crazed mid-1970s incarnation, plays an eerie humanoid trying to save his home planet. It's actually the perfect fit for an acting style that was always a bit stilted and impassive.

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Class Of 92: Out Of Their League

BBC iPlayer They’re back. The boys. The Class of 92. Giggsy, Scholesy, Nicky, Gary, Phil and Not David Beckham Who Still Has Better Things On. Giddy like lads on a school trip, all bouncing around in their matching hoodies and drawing on each other’s faces, the intrepid ex-United fivesome continue their odyssey to take non-league club Salford City to the big time.

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Criminal Justice

DVD "This is a disgrace," you're thinking. "Why are they recommending a years-old BBC serial? And on DVD! Of all things!" But this is the show that the gleaming new Sky Atlantic release The Night Of is based on. Nothing overblown here, just British grit. Grit and Postlethwaite.

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