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Five Free Fitness Classes in London

Five of the best, and completely free, fitness classes in London


Our Parks

Now you, yes you, can be watched by confused, cappuccino wielding business men as you leap about in the park before work. Isn’t this what you dreamt of as a kid? Pick from green classes (the logo for it is a kid with its parents – avoid) or blue (logo’s of a pumped balloon-eque arm – much more promising) depending on your fitness level, and choose from a range of lessons, from yoga to parkour.

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Nike +

Nike? Doing free classes? Oh yes, the big brands are here for you. They care. Sure when the four horsemen finally come for us they’ll probably be helping with the bags, but before all that they really do want you to get that six pack. The popular classes include skateboarding (no you didn’t read that wrong), endurance and general strength training.

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Asics Running Clinic

Pretty sure they added on clinic to make us trust them more. And it worked! Despite our need to blindly follow what sounds like authority, this is actually a decent class to join. Part suburban housewife style running club (you can almost see the twitching curtains) part army boot camp, this is a good way to improve your jog without relying on the evils of fitness vlogs.

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London City Runners

Metaphorical, innovative titles are for weeping poets and Haruki Murakami consuming wasters. This is running we’re talking about, with flapping shorts and aching legs and sweat that gets in the wrinkles you didn’t know you had on your forehead, so simple London City Runners it is. This is for dedicated runners, as well as marathon trainers, and they’re not here to play around. If anyone hands you a copy of The Wind-up Bird Chronicle you tear that book up and you eat it.

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Reebok Fithub

Another big name. The horsemen are getting restless. If you’re around the Apple Market and need a pick me up before you slink into the Moonmin shop and pretend you just got lost, head over to the Reebok store for some free classes. Book online in advance to avoid that awkward ‘looking for a free space’ hovering and to show that that C+ in ICT wasn’t for nought.

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