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The best cycle routes in London

We asked five guys working in London's coolest bike shops to let us in on their favourite Saturday rides


Ian Patterson, (Cycle PS, Battersea)

Where the hell should I cycle? 6

Where to? “My commute from work is perfect! I ride up to Southbank from Battersea and along the river to Greenwich, past some amazing landmarks and with almost no roads or traffic to worry about. I’m pretty lucky to have such a great ride home in the evenings, but even better than going solo is group riding. Giving your bike a beasting alongside a bunch of mates is the best feeling.”

How long? “It’s about 10 miles. If I told you how long it took me, you’d know I was riding too fast.”

With what? “I’d take a Phil Wood Track Hub Set (£460). A wheel is made up of three components – the hub, the rim and the spokes. Hubs make the wheel spin freely and smoothly, and these are super stylish, made by a real legend, and are so durable that I bet they’ll outlive you. I love them.”

Adam Garrett, (Cloud 9, Bloomsbury)

Where the hell should I cycle? 10

Where to? “I always recommend the ride from Houses of Parliament to Hampton Court Palace, following the Thames past Waterloo Bridge, Pimlico, Lots Road, Fulham Gardens and Kingston. There are some really nice waterside lanes, and a few good pubs on route. I stop off at The Crabtree near Craven Cottage – they’ve got a wicked beer garden right on the river.”

How long? “It’s about 90 minutes each way, depending on how many drinks you sink in the pub.”

With what? “I’d want to be on one of our Cloud 9 Handmade Steel Frames (£1000 approx). They’re all made here in London by us, and we pour three weeks of hard work into each of them. They’re light, durable, and bespoke to the customer. They feel like they have a soul.”

Matty Trinquart, (Soho Bikes, Soho)

Where the hell should I cycle? 13

Where to? “Getting out of the city and aiming for Epping Forest is a top weekend ride. From Soho, I like to head for Regent’s Canal and on to the Olympic Park, then up to Walthamstow and into the forest with an aim to get to High Beach. Stop off at the Royal Oak (219 Kings Head Hill) for a pint, or find the tea van in the woods. You get a bit of everything with that route.”

How long? “It clocks in at around 17 miles, taking just over 3 hours there and back.”

With what? These Chrome Rostov Bags (£95) are the toughest money can buy. It’s the brand couriers use, comes with a lifetime warranty, has plenty of space for your stuff and is real comfy on your back.”

Neil Davis, (Tokobike, Fitzovia)

Where the hell should I cycle? 12

Where to? “It’s not a long one, but the reward at the end is too good to not include. My old commute was from Fitzrovia up to and along the canal in Dalston. Head for The Towpath Café near Kingsland Basin and have the fried eggs on toast – sounds boring, but absolutely worth shouting about. From there, wander down to Broadway Market for a browse, and on the way home do some manly shopping on Lamb’s Conduit St. That’s a decent Saturday morning.”

How long? “It’s only a five miler, so you can do it in half an hour each way, but there’s plenty of stops to keep you happy.”

With what? “SAHN Helmets (£89) strike the right balance between safety and style. We import these from Canada, and I love the silhouette - they won’t make you look silly like most others do. That might sound a little vain, but if it gets people wearing helmets, then I’m OK with that.”

Dan Foster, (Rapha, Spitalfields)

Where the hell should I cycle? 11

Where to? “My favourite right now is a long ride into Kent. From Spitalfields, head to Tower Bridge, down Jamaica Rd, through Greenwich Park and Bromley, then into Hayes. You get some amazing views riding along the tops of the rolling hills there. It’s absolutely essential that you stop at Westerham Cyclery for their massive mugs of tea and legendary carrot cake.”

How long? “It’s about 90km there and back, and takes me four hours. Luckily, that big mug of tea and cake is at almost exactly half way through the ride, and breaks it up nicely.”

With what? “With the weather like it is, a Rapha Classic Wind Jacket (£140) comes in really handy. It’s very lightweight and warm, and will keep that cold wind off you. If the weather gets slightly better, it packs down really small. Super handy to have with you on any ride, really.”