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Eating healthily is…well, a tricky one. Not a chore, exactly, but not always top priority – who has time, after all, when there’s life to be lived and things to be done?

It needs to be easier, which is why we’ve teamed up with our good pals at Fresh Fitness Food to start you off down the right supermarket aisle. We’ve put together seven days-worth of macro-specific eating suggestions – that’s more than 20 recipes – aimed at getting you a touch more of the good stuff and a bit less of the bad, all with an eye on carving you into slightly-more-respectable shape.

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Here’s a taste of what’s inside

The nutritional FAQ

The nutritional FAQ has everything from tracking macros to getting your quantities right, and how much protein, carbs and fat you actually need to consume. 

The Mr Hyde Fitness Lean-Eating Manual 1

Your 7-day plan with recipes

In introduction in to what healthy eating looks like and your target macros and calories. You’ll also find a 7-day food plan complete with recipes for each meal (including snacks). This will allow you to mix and match your recipes over the coming weeks.

Download the Mr Hyde Fitness Lean-Eating Manual

Tracking your progress

An explanation of why tracking your progress is important and ways you can effectively measure results. There’s also an explainer on what workouts you can do to compliment your meal-plan. 

Download the Mr Hyde Fitness Lean-Eating Manual 1

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