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Home fitness gear you should actually invest in

Do yourself a solid for those days you can't face the gym


Gamify Your Shadowboxing

Home fitness gear you should actually invest in 7

Sure, you can throw a punch. You don’t like to brag, but you’ve seen all the Rocky films (Creed twice), occasionally go on the bag when the gym’s not too busy, and that one time it looked like things were getting tasty on the Tube, you were just about to stand up. But can you punch? Can you really? Find out by attaching these mini tracking devices to your hands (wraps provided), going at it for a few rounds, and allowing your hooks and crosses to be real-time graded on speed and intensity.

Carry The Whole Gym In A Bag

Home fitness gear you should actually invest in 5

Apart from being the worst when you move house, the whole point of weights is that they aren’t very portable – and so, when London’s in the full blaze of summer, with ice cream vans and craft cider pop-ups on every corner, working out is a doomed enterprise from the start. Or is it? Well, not if you’ve got this band-equipped suspension trainer, which you can sling in a rucksack, tie to a tree, then use for a comprehensive guns-and-chest session before celebrating with a Peanut Magnum and a 6% applebrau. You deserve it, champ.

Eliminate Those Bastard Aches

Home fitness gear you should actually invest in

There comes a point in every 30-something’s life when it all starts to catch up. One minute, you’re tutting briskly at the right-hand standers on the Holborn escalator and vaulting fences after last orders; the next, you’re audibly groaning as you get off the couch. Foam rollers are one solution, and the Pulseroll is their emperor: a vibrating, contoured beast of a massage device, designed to flush away lactic acid and smash muscle knots. Yes, people will mock… people with less supple hamstrings than you.

Perfect Your Ropework

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Perhaps you were one of those youths who “got” skipping early, mastering the likes of Double Dutch and Mabel Mabel before the grinding need to fit in put a stop to fun playtimes. Perhaps not. But whether you’re a two-and-done stumbler or a double-under wunderkind, the Crossrope will improve your ropework – with bearing-enabled handles for extra speed and (optional) weighted ropes to add a dash of intensity. Yes, they’re expensive – hellishly expensive – but so was your last night out, and only one of them’s going to help you live to 60.

Embrace Living-Room Gymnastics

Home fitness gear you should actually invest in 6

Typically, fitness gear is a bit function-over-form. A bit Argos-over-IKEA. A bit…well, garish. Not these beauties, though: made of untreated Austrian beechwood, they’re precision-crafted to fit right into the minimalist vibe you’re no doubt cultivating, while also being easy on the hands and stable enough to minimise your chances of careering into the coffee table. Use them for adding a bit of spice to press-ups and planks… or showing off with moves like the frankly ridiculous L-Sit.