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London food delivery services that are actually good for you

After all, there are better things to do on Sundays than julienne carrots


Fresh Fitness Food

One of the originals, and – in some ways – still the Platonic ideal of food services: a massive bag of meals, juices and snacks delivered between midnight and 6am every day, with the sort of menu-ambition (beef rendang and ‘Charcoal Cleanse’ juice) you’d never dare attempt at home. Maaaybe not quite as flavoursome as the more expensive options, but that’s what condiments are for, right?

Get it if… You want every aspect of your food intake covered, at very reasonable prices.

Fit Fuel

This is fitness food your dad would approve of: classic combinations, nothing excruciatingly fancy, delivered in great big portions of meat, veg and (usually) rice. Think garlic chicken, steak and honey-glazed veg, and a burrito bowl that tastes like something you’d get in a reasonably upscale gastropub. As with basically every service, there are muscle gain, fat loss and ‘maintenance’ options.

Get it if…You’re a three-squares-a-day man after Herculean quantities of protein with minimal faff.


Two USPs here: firstly, the meals are designed for the freezer, so an impromptu night out won’t leave you with out-of-date food. More importantly, the puddings and snacks are the best in show. Protein French toast? Raw vegan donuts? Eton Mess…for breakfast? Calm down, wildman: they’re all still good for you.

Get it if…You want to jump on that #cleaneating hashtag…without hamstringing your hectic parties-and-cheesecakeschedule.

Munch Fit

No getting-what-you’re-given here: you order specific meals off the menu Friday, get them by Monday, then feast all week. The vibe’s very much ‘Shoreditch classics’ – so pulled pork and ‘slaw, full English breakfast, or Asian-fusion salmon and cauli rice, but expertly delivered with an eye on building, burning or maintenance. Bonus points for the frighteningly moreish guacamole.

Get it if…You’re don’t mind paying a touch more to pick your own restaurant-quality food…and you’re organised enough to do your menu by 4pm Friday.

Paleo Chef

Lots of imagination here: paleo advocates eschew non-caveman-ready ingredients, so the usual bulkers (rice, bread) are out, making way for some genuinely inventive food combos. There’s a dash more work to be done – you boil the dinner in bags – but it’s worth it for the intense flavours, alongside meals that pack in your however-many-a-day with heroic portion sizing.

Get it if…You want inspiration for your own veg-heavy cooking. “The celeriac remoulade? Ah, yes, my own invention. More organic wine?”