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We can’t make you like that kale smoothie, we can’t make lyra shorts look good, and we can’t embellish your last, struggled burpee with a sophisticated flair. We can however give you a weekly run down of:

• Fitness news that we think you’ll be interested in, whether that’s on health fads that aren’t worth the hassle or fitness accounts that aren’t just memes and pecs

• Workout routines you can do at home, and new gym classes we’ve tried out

• Tried and tested product reviews – and no one can buy our favour here, so we’ll tell the truth whether it’s good or bad 

• Great healthy eateries that sell more than a quinoa salad

We also know that although fitness is important, you can’t get too serious about it. We’ve skipped morning runs, we’ve chosen the gym over the pub, we’ve even enjoyed a burger or two (wasn’t even a whole-wheat bun), so whether you’re a powerhouse at the gym or just do the occasional morning, we’ve got something for you.