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The toughest UK fitness challenges

Because you're just not working hard enough


The Wall

Hadrian’s Wall - the famous Roman fortification, built to keep out those pesky barbicans, show off, or stop cattle raids. No one’s really sure. We can all agree it wasn’t built for a ruthless fun run though, but times have changed. If you’re up for testing your gams to a 69-mile run, panting through some pretty nature, and getting a nice medal at the end of it, all while helping to raise money for Child with Cancer UK, then The Wall is probably for you.    

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Welsh 3000s

Mountains eh? Just something about them isn’t there? Just want to climb them all, don’t we? But only the big ones. While this isn’t so much an event as a personal challenge, Welsh 3000s is still as gruelling as the others, and involves climbing all the mountains in Wales that are over 3,000 feet. There’s 15. Most people complete the challenge in just under 24 hours, and presumably bring this point up at every possible opportunity for…the rest of their lives? 

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Apocalypse 100

If you hadn’t guessed from the name, Apocalypse 100 is a 100-mile run based on the four riders of the Apocalypse: Conquest, Famine, War and Death. All jolly chaps who make their mark on this laborious ultramarathon. Get up and personal with volcanic mounds, burial cairns, easy, falsely encouraging flat sections and then steep uphill climbs just to remind you that life is never easy. Did we forget to tell you this is 100 miles?

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Man VS Lakes

Time, the devil, and greed be damned. It’s time for man to conquer its true lifelong enemy. Described as an ‘adventure marathon’ Man VS Lakes is a 26.2-mile run that takes you through the Lake District’s hills, forests and you know, lake, resulting in a fun for all the family (sarcasm doesn’t translate well online) event filled with wading, running, rope swinging (from a crane), and a floating assault course. It’s like CrossFit. Just so much worse.

Image credit: Rat Race Adventure Sport

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IRONMAN. Doesn’t give you a warm feeling, does it? Neither does 2.4 miles of swimming, followed by 112 miles of cycling, and then, just as you’re going “Well, it’s been lovely, but I might call it a day,” a further 26.2 miles of running. Oh, and if you don’t finish this in under 17 hours, you sir, are not an IRONMAN and you have failed everyone. The site states that first timers need a minimum of 24 weeks to train for the event. The minimum is put in bold. You get the point.

Image credit: Rodrigo Eichler

The toughest UK fitness challenges

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