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Top Five Healthy Lunch Spots in London

A run down of Five of the best healthy eateries in London


Hummus Bros

Why you should go: A place for the people who’ve unashamedly eaten a whole tub of hummus in one sitting and want to be around other likeminded people. Slap on toppings like chicken and falafel salad to break up the chickpea mountain, but know deep down that’s what you’re really there for.

Location: Soho, Holborn, St. Pauls, Exmouth Market, Gray's Inn Road

Order: Hummus with chicken and guacamole with a side of falafel salad.


Why you should go: Look, you don’t get anywhere from a name alone, and while waffle textured cardigans and un-ironic doilies come to mind, what you actually get at Mildreds is Instagram-worthy salads, vegetable curries, and vegan stews on a Habitat-style plate you’d only end up breaking if you had at home. Interior looks like an ex-Goldsmith’s London flat, complete with rustic dining tables and views of the garden shed. Well priced and flavoursome food makes up for the missing apostrophe.

Location: Soho, Camden, Kings Cross

Order: The Tokyo bowl (venus black rice and purple pickled egg with daikon, miso glazed aubergine, shichimi edamame beans and a jug of miso) with a chocolate and hazelnut brownie for pudding.

Ahi Poke

Why you should go: Bowls of rice and sashimi elevated to ‘yeah this is worth paying £9.45 for’ status with ingredients like kimchi cucumber, sriracha mayo, and chili grapefruit. Good for a filling dish without an overload of carbs, and worth stalking round the back of Tottenham Court Road for.

Location: Percy Street, The NOVA building

Order: Heat Wave bowl - Quinoa, Salmon, Avocado, Red Onion,
Kimchee Cucumber, Coriander

Savage Salads

Why you should go: While Savage Salads sounds like another attempt to entice men into to gross female things like washing and eating yogurt, it’s actually worth a look. Seasonal ingredients are packed into Tate Modern worthy minimalist containers before being dosed in a range of dressings. Stressed out patrons who panic at the idea of a ‘choose your own’ checkout can pick from the set menu, avoiding that pressured order of extra pumpkin seeds.

Location: Berwick Street, Strutton Ground, Flat Iron Square

Order: Tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, black olives, chickpeas, rocket and hallumi.

Granger & Co

Why you should go: Eat up dishes like jasmine tea soaked salmon (real thing, you can get it at Waitrose) with poached eggs and avocado, all served in a restaurant reminiscent of a warehouse flat-cum-Rivera café. Not too hard on your wallet and open till 11 for any late night pot sticker cravings.

Location: Chelsea, Clerkenwell, King's Cross, Notting Hill.

Order: Soft shell crab with chorizo and kimchi fried rice, poached egg