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Where London’s Strongest Men Eat

The scoffing secrets of five leading personal trainers

Shaun Stafford, founder of City Athletic

Sawyer & Gray [N1] – it’s a mix of trendy coffee shop and family Italian. The menu is creative, the staff are very friendly and the food tastes amazing.”
What to eat: “The Sawyer Brunch. Poached eggs, bacon, avocado, feta, dukkah, black sesame, roast cherry tomatoes, rocket and spinach on sourdough toast – it’s incredible. If you’re sharing, throw in a brioche berry toast.”

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Jean Claude Vacassin, owner of W10 Performance

“Hix Soho. The menu is top drawer, seasonal and changes regularly. The food is always good, but the the atmosphere is nice and relaxed, without being w*nky. And the bar downstairs is also super cool, so you can get in an Old Fashioned or two when the occasion calls for it.”
What to eat: “They do fish, but the steaks are superb. I’d usually go for the ribeye on the bone – a bit clichéd, I know. Or the porterhouse if I’m in a sharing mood."

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Rich Tidmarsh, owner and lead trainer of Reach Fitness

Smokestak [E1]. I love everything about this place for a Saturday night calorie feast after a tough week of training. Brisket, ribs and an incredible range of sides, all set in a dark industrial smokyworld where I feel it's only right to drink three whiskeys.”
What to eat: “Either the brisket bun with pickled red chilli or, if you’re on a veggie tip, the smoked aubergine with toasted cashews and honey. Chase them down with a burnt apricot Old Fashioned.”

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James Crossley, ex-Gladiator and creator of the Fit At Forty Project

“I love going to Roxie in Fulham – they specialise in steak which is obviously a staple food to get strong. They’re consistently excellent and really fairly priced."
What to eat: “I tend to go for the fillet or the ribeye – both are delicious, but the ribeye’s a bit more meat for your money. Sides depend on what I’m working on in the gym – got to watch those abs – but the chips, green beans and tomato salad are consistent favourites.”

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Tom Eastham, trainer at CrossFit Shapesmiths

“It’s got to be The Schoolhouse on St John’s Hill in Clapham: the meat’s free range, the fish is responsibly sourced and the bread’s fresh baked. The vibe is schoolhouse food, but I’m fairly certain no school’s ever done such a solid eggs benedict. Plus, the coffee’s on point.”
What to eat: “My favourite thing on the menu is The Naughty Schoolboy. A combo of all the traditional breakfast ingredients plus pancakes and maple syrup. It's so good and perfect for post-training refuelling. As long as you’ve worked hard.”

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