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Class review: Athlete Lab

Cannon Street


The class: Super Iron Hurt House Booster 

What is it: One hour of intense indoor cycling on real bikes with a shedload of performance data

Where is it: Cannon Street

Why would you go: Let’s be honest, spin classes serve a purpose, but they’re a hell of a long way away from bona fide cycling. Athlete lab is a class designed for serious cyclists to improve their performance. The real bicycles are linked to a central computer system which add resistance during the hill sections of the class. So you know everyone is in the same boat… or bike. The stats of every cyclists are live on a massive screen in front, so you can attempt the ridiculous task of maintaining a consistent effort level. You get quite a few breaks, but all you can think about is the next three minutes of intense pain you’re going to be made to get through.

Cost: A single ride is £30 or buy ride packs for £216 (8 sessions) and £288 (12 sessions)

Difficulty: 5/5. It’s all monitored, so even if you’re a gold medallist, you’ll just have to put in more effort.

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