Fitness Classes

Class review: ONE LDN

Tower Hill and Imperial Wharf


The class: Metabolic Conditioning 

What is it: A strength and conditioning class, with aspects of HIIT and Cross Training, packed into 50 minutes of pain.

Where is it: Tower Hill and Imperial Wharf

Why would you go: Expect to sweat – a LOT. The class merges high performance cross training with HIIT exercises split in to 3, 4 and 6 minute rounds. The individual fitness stations are equipped with the latest kit - barbells, free weights, rowing machines, plyo boxes and TRX straps - and you’ll use all of em. Instructors will either shout (nicely) for you to do as many rounds as possible in a set time, or focus on metabolic conditioning, using compound exercises. The session promise’s low impact workouts and high calorie burn and after burn.

Cost: One class is £20, buy in bundles up to 20 classes for £330, or buy rolling monthly packages at a discounted rate.

Difficulty: 4/5 Cardio. Weights. Rowing. It’s tough

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