Fitness Classes

Class review: Project Fit



The class: 50/50

What is it? 45 or 60 minutes of high-intensity interval training and resistance floor work.

Where is it? Bank

Why go? The studio’s signature session is a mixture of speed intervals on the treadmill and resistance work. Step out of your comfort zone and run like hell, with quick inclines and big increases in speed. Catch your breath in the short walk from the treadmill to the floor for resistance training, using free weights and body weight exercises – then repeat.

Cost: A single session is £20, buy bundles of credits up to 12 weeks, or grab their introductory offer of 50% off a week-pass, priced at £34.50.

Difficulty: 4/5 – By the end of the class you’ll be running as fast as the treadmill will allow.

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