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Class review: The Foundry

Old Street and Vauxhall


The class: City Strongman

What is it: A 45-minute blast of some of the most buttock-clenchingly intense strength exercises you’re ever likely to find.

Where is it: Old Street and Vauxhall

Why would you go: If you like workouts to feel like you’ve just done a quick Game of Thrones battle sequence, then this is the place for you. It’s 45 minutes of lugging around massive sandbags, flipping tyres, smashing battle ropes and a load of other stuff we don’t want to think about again. It’ll push you to the limits, build your strength, up your fitness and make you really appreciate that beautiful wooden bench on the street outside.

Cost: £20 a class; £179 for unlimited classes. Other options available on the website.

Difficulty: 5/5 – heavy weights, loads of reps, tough exercises. It’s about the hardest you’re going to find. They have sweat towels… take four.

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The winner of Mr Hyde’s Toughest workout 2017

We sent one of the team down to try out five of the toughest workouts in London, with the winner to be crowned Hyde’s Toughest workout.

The Foundry with it’s City Strongman took the top spot. It had everything: heavy sleds, massive sandbags, intense cardio, strength training and the focus on correct lifting was spot on. Read the full review here.

Class review: The Foundry 4