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Essential running kit to survive winter

Because that “Run Now, Beer Later” vest can't cut it forever


The Blast-Off Trainers

The sole of the Cloudflow (£120) looks like a line-up of 3D glasses, but they’re actually “clouds” of lightweight zero gravity foam that help to maintain grip, even on the frostiest early morning grass. The innovative cushioning, as well as the patented “Speedboard” sole, softens and converts impact into kinetic energy, helping you achieve a sprightly lift off. There’s also a nice bit of engineered mesh to keep you fresh, and both neutral and blinding colours to choose from.

Essential running kit to survive winter 2

The Master Water-Repeller

Zipping up your high vis jacket is irresistible shorthand for “I’m serious about running and road safety”. This Marlow running jacket (£195) gives you something you could feasibly wear down Clapham High Street as well. Made from Italian softshell and a patented eVent inner membrane, it’s got twice the waterproof capabilities of even most mountain race wear, but won’t weigh you down. And saving the best ‘til last, it’s got a sneaky little fold-away back pocket. Oooof!

Essential running kit to survive winter

The Ultimate Leg Warmers

You might wince at the “tights” description. But call them what you want, mate – call them “tailored-leg kinetic slacks” for all we care – the Compression Tights (£99) are worth it. Made from PWX fabrics, which apply consistent, gradual pressure, they’ll drastically improve muscle alignment, reduce muscle soreness and swelling, and all the while they’ll maintain flexibility. Moisture-wicking yarn keeps your run as sweat-free as possible and prevents chafing, and it even has built in UPF50+ sun protection, which you will absolutely not be needing. 

Essential running kit to survive winter 4

The Super-Adaptable Watch

While the fear of constant vital monitoring stops us sleeping at night, you can bet your last drop of freedom we’d still slap the Fitbit Ionic (£299.99) on our wrist. There’s on-screen coaching adapted to your feedback, multisport modes, accurate data-tracking even on trickier terrain (icy roads shouldn’t be a problem), and automatic pausing when you stop to cross the road (handy when you’re more cautious in winter). For off-the-pavement antics there’s sleep insight, a built-in GPS, and smartphone notifications so you’re not lost to civilisation.

Essential running kit to survive winter 5

The Simple Jacket-Improver

Hood BUFF (£45) gives your favourite hood-lacking jackets some extra neck and head protection. It’s completely windproof, water repellent, and fits even the most misshapen head (“it’s me monster brain!”) with the help of easily concealed drawstrings. Also has a nice bit of Polygiene treatment to prevent any bacterial build up while keeping the face sweats at bay. 

Essential running kit to survive winter 3

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