Fitness Gear

The gym-bag secrets of fitness experts

We ask London's workout kings for their must-have gear


The Freedom-Giving Headphones

The gym-bag secrets of fitness experts 1

Audio Technica Wireless Headphones (£89)

After initially being sceptical of the wireless headphone trend, I’m now fully bought into it thanks to these. Not only can I leave my phone anywhere around the gym and not interrupt my workout (no more doing deadlifts and having my earphones ripped out of my ears), but the sound quality, weight and design are amazing considering the price tag.

Matt Lo, Founder and CEO, Outrivals

The Trusty Shorts

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Oliver’s Apparel Crimson Shorts (£55)

Designed for the modern, athletic guy who wants a training short that can easily transition from the gym floor to outdoor training. With a 7.5 inch in-seam it is just long enough so you don’t show too much quad, but enough to be comfortable during a squat. Perfect both aesthetically and functionally, with an unobtrusive inner pocket for valuables, and they’re even water repellent.

Andrew Manteit, Co-founder, Active Man

 The Resistance Training Tool

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Bandforce (from £9)

The perfect lightweight and easily portable piece of kit. They can be adapted to a multitude of fitness levels, come in a variety of resistances, and are great for increasing already-learned strength movements like push-ups or squats. Also invaluable if you’re working on any sort of injury rehabilitation… Not bad considering they cost as much as a Nando’s.

Ali McKenzie, Head Coach, The Foundry

The Killer Training Shoe  

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Nike Metcon DSK Flyknit 2 (£134.95)

The perfect product if you’re looking for an all-round training shoe. Whether it’s short runs on the treadmill, stable lifting or box jumps, the Metcon offers a level of lateral support you won’t find in a normal running trainer.

Courtney Fearon, Strength and Conditioning Coach and Speed Expert

The DIY Physio  

The gym-bag secrets of fitness experts 2

Trigger Point Stick (£24)

Yeah, foam rollers may be the next best thing to having your own personal masseuse, but they’re not very portable, the ones in the gym have been used by a few hundred sweat-soaked people and you need floor space to get the best out of them. Instead, stick a Trigger point stick in your bag and you’re ready to go, no matter where you are.

Tom Wheatley, Fitness Blogger,The Allrounder