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All the major "healthy" pancake recipes tested

Batterbeasts that won't put you in a syrupy coma


The "Fitfluencer" One

What’s the pitch? Clean eating’s so muddied a term as to be useless but Instagram wunderkind Alice Liveing doesn’t care about your labels, man: she just wants to make photogenic health food.

How easy is it? Super-easy. Mash a banana, throw in the rest – the chocolate protein’s a bit of an avant-garde touch, but you could always play safe with vanilla. (Recipe)

How do they taste? Lovely. A bit sturdier than a crepe, but still thin and light, with a hint of crunch from the chia seeds. You could get charged eight pounds for one in Fitzrovia and only sulk silently for a few seconds.

All the major "healthy" pancake recipes tested 1

The Gourmet One

What’s the pitch? Anna Sward is a protein-cookery expert. A specialist. No rubbering up a perfectly decent batter with a scoop of powder here – she’s all about the "moisturisers". So when she says you can make a short stack with sweet potato, egg whites and whey, you best believe it.

How easy is it? Brace yourself: you need to bake a sweet potato first. Still, once that’s done – 10 minutes in the microwave, while you watch half an Always Sunny – it couldn’t be simpler. (Recipe)

How do they taste? Solid. Good mouthfeel, nice flavour: chuck in some crushed nuts or cinnamon and you’re practically a chef. Update your LinkedIn!

All the major "healthy" pancake recipes tested 3

The Insanely Popular One

What’s the pitch? Come on, you’ve heard of Joe Wicks – he’s a bit Russell Brand, a bit Jamie Oliver, a bit charming millionaire sensation. But the main thing is, can you really build a set of pecs like that on regular pancake benders? Time to find out.

How easy is it? Moderately. The biggest stumbling block is the need to use a blender: not ideal for the man with an intolerant set of flatmates/sub-par cleaning ethic. (Recipe)

How do they taste? Nice. Moist, fluffy, moreish – the coconut oil’s a poor substitute for butter, but you can make up for that by smothering them in berries and Greek yoghurt. "Wallop!" as the man himself would, regrettably, say.

All the major "healthy" pancake recipes tested 2

The Miracle Cure One

What’s the pitch? To recap, the Sirt Diet is the "Lose 7lb in 7 days!" plan that made headlines last year, based on the claim that you could do it by stuffing your face with red wine and chocolate. That’s not true, but the science behind it seems promising. And this is its signature pancake.

How easy is it? A solid 5/10, until you get to melting the chocolate topping, which you have to simmer in an elaborate bowl/pan setup until it inevitably goes everywhere. (Recipe)

How do they taste? Earthy. Woody. Loads of adjectives that are fine when applied to noodles (you’re using buckwheat flour, see), but not to your morning disc of joy. Plus, 85% chocolate is… aggressive.

All the major "healthy" pancake recipes tested

The Egg-Free One

What’s the pitch? Vegan pancakes? Yeah, you heard. The key is hand-frothed aquafaba, which is just the juice you get in chickpea cans. All this time, you’ve been throwing away liquid gold!

How easy is it? A bit of a pain, honestly: you’re talking 11 different ingredients, plus a lot of whisking. One for a lazy Sunday, not the pre-commute breakfast frenzy. (Recipe)

How do they taste? Glorious. Porous and fluffy, proper American-diner ‘cakes. Better with bacon, of course, diminishing their vegan appeal – but then, isn’t everything?

All the major "healthy" pancake recipes tested 4