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Burger recipe: Marrowbone Melt Burger

From Gourmet Meat Club


To celebrate National Burger Day on the 24th August, the chefs at have developed this unique Marrowbone Melt Burger recipe, using their grass-fed British beef and slices of bone marrow melt in the centre of each burger. 

National Burger Day, and the following bank holiday weekend creates the perfect opportunity to try something more exciting than the everyday burger, so impress guests with this unusual, yet delicious meat treat.


1kg rump beef trim

200g roll bone marrow melt, frozen

Salt and pepper to season

Cooking time: 30 minutes


1. Pass 1kg of rump beef through a meat mincer and roll the minced meat into 12 3oz meatballs. If you do not have a meat mincer then high quality minced meat will also work

2. Using a burger press or alternatively by hand, shape the mince meatballs into 12 burger patties, approximately 5mm thick

3. Put six of the patties to one side to use later

4. Using a sharp knife, cut six thick slices of bone marrow melt (approx.. 5mm thick) and place one in the middle of each of the six

5. Place the remaining six patties on top of the marrow melt burger and press down using a burger press or by hand to seal in the marrow melt butter

6. Grill the burgers on a medium heat for six to eight minutes on each side

7. Serve on a slightly toasted bun with lettuce, topped with gherkins, red onion and sliced tomatoes. The marrowbone melt adds an intense succulent flavour to the burger so there is little need for sauce

8. Allow the burgers to cool before biting into them