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The fanciest chicken wings to make at home

Michelin-trained Chef Ben Murphy is sharing his incredible (and mildly insane) chicken wing recipe for you to try at home


On the 22 March, the UK will be celebrating its first-ever National Wing Day. It’s exciting (yes it is), with over 300 venues across the country offering 50% off their selection of wings, and many holding their own wing-based celebrations and offers. 

To celebrate Ben Murphy, Head Chef of Kensington fine dining restaurant Launceston Place, has created his own special twist on the humble chicken wing. It’s intense, it’s a little mad, and it involves octopus, but if you’re a Michelin Star trained chef, you tend to go all out. Ben’s wings will be available on the menu for National Wing Day only.


10 chicken wings
1 litre chicken Fat (to slow cook Wings)
50 grams oats
50 grams panko
2 eggs
20 grams flour
100 grams Octopus cooked in Fish stock for 24hr
100 grams Piquillo Pepper
2 sprigs coriander
2 pieces coriander cress


1. Slow cook the wings in vegetable oil at 60c for 2 hours.
2. While hot, remove the inside of the chicken bones.
3. Bring the octopus to the boil and simmer for 6 hours.
4. Blend with piquillo pepper, salt and pepper.
5. Replace the bone and pipe with the filling
6. Cover in panko bread crumbs, oats
7. Deep fry at 180c for 3 minutes or until golden brown .
8. Garnish with octopus, basil cress and piquillo cut cubes

If you find boiling a kettle takes too long, let alone boiling an octopus for 6 hours, head to our competition page here, where you’ll be able to try the exclusive wings for free - and have someone else cook them for you. 


To get 50% off wings for National Wing Day, find a venue near you and download a voucher here.